Oichinote version of FEEDZY RSS Feeds


This site is using a great WordPress plugin FEEDZY RSS Feeds. It can embed rss feed with images in a post.

In the next post, you can see an example and you can know how did customize the plugin.

This plugin embeds image if images are found in a post. The original FEEDZY RSS Feeds fits to square and crops images with specified size, even if the image is in Amazon Associates Program. Contents of Amazon Associates Program are required the accuracy and completeness in the Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement.

Cropped images might not satisfy the agreement. Therefore, I have customized this plugin. The customize is to display images completely. You can control this feature that is cropping or not in short code with Oichinote verstion.

FEEDZY RSS Feeds displays a default images as enclosure, or background image. If embedded image has a margin, the margin will be filled by the enclosure image. If you don’t want to display the enclosure image, you can control display or not in short code with Oichinote version.

The new options for short code are as follows.

  • crop="yes" … same as original version (default)
  • crop="no" … don’t crop images
  • enclosure="yes" … same as original version (default)
  • enclosure="no" … don’t display enclosure image

FEEDZY RSS Feeds controls size of images by CSS. This Oichinote version adds below CSS.

background-size: contain; background-repeat: no-repeat;

Next figure is a sample of Oichinote version FEEDZY RSS Feeds.

Oichinote Version FEEDZY RSS Feeds
You can download Oichinote Version FEEDZY RSS Feeds 2.5.1 as follows. Then, I’ll post this to the discussion board of FEEDZY RSS Feeds.

To customize FEEDZY RSS Feeds plugin, I referred this book.

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