Mountain View


I went to Mountain View to have a dinner.

Then I met a festival! The car did not enter. Persons can walk on road, it is "Hokousha Tengoku".

Some classic cars were showed. If you like cars, you will be happy.


When I checked network, I caught the GoogleWiFi. It is free.


But I didn’t connected. I don’t want to send current location to Google.

I looked for any Indian restaurant. I found Sakoon it is located at Castro Street.

I ate Murgh Sakoon (curry), Arugula Cheese (naan) and Mango Lassi (drink). They are good taste. I tried to order "Tandori Murgh" or "Lamb Vindaloo". But waitress said "it is too big" and she suggested to me "Murgh Sakoon".  It was nice choice.

When I walk in the Castro Street, I found New Mongolian BBQ restaurant. I have been to here. I saw again.

I ride a lite rail train. It would be a bus + a train.

Posted by お市のかた